Benny van den Hoogen

Full-stack web developer based in Amsterdam.

Over the past 9 years I have been developing, deploying and maintaining a variety of web applications. These range from administration & reporting dashboards, webshops and marketing websites to API integrations with marketing platforms and financial systems.



Recently I have spent quite some time writing artisanal PHP using the Laravel framework. Big fan of its developer ecosystem and internal concepts that solve a great deal of common problems.


This has been my day one programming language and I have experience working with and maintaining procedural and object-oriented codebases from PHP5 to PHP8.

MySQL / MariaDB

Over the years I’ve written and migrated countless of database schemas, performed plenty of data synchronisations into production databases and have always relentlessly made backups before doing so. Most of my experience has been with the MariaDB flavor of MySQL.


My experiences with Elasticsearch are mainly in the sense of using it as a datastore for a large amount of data. In the past I have set up a locally hosted ES cluster, helped mapping relational data structures to a consolidated non-relational schema and wrote logic to query a vast amount of (to be) aggregated data.


My understanding of Javascript is solid, mostly applied to ‘vanilla’ Javascript. That being said, I’m always keen to try out new frameworks and workflows. My experience mainly lies with good old jQuery, AngularJS, Vue and AlpineJS.


A solid understanding of the foundation of the web start with HTML knowledge. My aim is to always produce semantically correct and concise HTML5.


Gemeente Amsterdam

2022 - current

The municipality of Amsterdam maintains a variety of applications for civilians, entrepeneurs, visitors and of course internal applications for civil servants. As a backend developer I work on the application “Amsterdam Inspectie Portaal” which is a portal that gives access to inspection data for civil engineering professionals.

Vriend van de Show

2020 - 2022

Podcasting platform providing makers with the means to build a following of donating and non-donating subscribers. As senior backend developer I am part of the SCRUM team, building new features and providing support where necessary. Especially proud of having orchestrated the migration of the existing payment flow to Stripe Connect.

Immense | Bluefield

2017 - 2020

Webdevelopment and marketing agency. Focussing mostly on web environments backed by tailor made CMS solutions. Working projects from the initial development phase all the way to the deployment and maintenance phases.


2015 - 2017

Small startup aimed to help out marketeers by gathering performance data of a variety of ad platforms and presenting this in a neat little dashboard.

I worked on the initially outsourced codebase, maintaining API connections and implementing new features. As I was responsible for the full stack, I quickly found my way around Yii2, AngularJS and migrated the database from Couchbase to Elasticsearch. The project eventually shut down in 2017.